Baristas at Starbucks – “No More than two Drinks”

A Wall Street Journal article (Oct 13,2010) reports current plans at Starbucks to improve the quality of drinks by making them fresher. The new process cuts batching – requiring milk be frothed separately for each order. It also restricts barista to no more start the next drink while finishing the first, reduces moving around etc. Many baristas in the article suggest that customer wait times may be longer and that some drinks make take longer. Will slowing down and visibly communicating that more time and attention is being paid to the drink result in higher quality and tolerance for the higher consequent waiting times ? Or will such “lean” processes result in learning, fewer errors and better customer satisfaction ? What do you think ?

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1 Response to Baristas at Starbucks – “No More than two Drinks”

  1. Gerlinde Mikolik says:

    I think the new process design will improve the quality of the coffe ar Starbucks. Doing one coffe doesn’t take to long (I think maximum 4 -5 minutes) and even if it takes 1-2 minutes more than before, it won’t annoy customers because of the increased quality. I made the experience at Starbucks that a barista forgot my coffe because she tried to serve too many customers.

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