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Trucking Salmon to the ocean to ensure future fishing

An article in Bloombergbusinessweek (april 7,2014) titled “In California,salmon hitch a ride to the sea”, describes the low water levels in California rivers this year prevent the young Chinook salmon from finding their way along the rivers to the ocean. … Continue reading

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Hazardous crude oil cargo on trains – no information sharing with towns on routes

An article in the New York Times (April 15,2014) titled “Despite Rise in Spills, Hazardous Cargo Rides Rails in Secret”, describes laws that permit railroads to keep their hazardous cargo secret from towns where spills occur. With increasing amounts of … Continue reading

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Understanding the logic for Tesla’s proposed $5 billion battery plant

An article in the Wall Street Journal (April 2, 2014) titled “Does Tesla Need a $5 Billion Battery Factory” describes Tesla’s planned mass market electric cars (the GEN III) priced at $35,000 and the current $25,500 cost of the 85 … Continue reading

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